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hill. >>> romantics at odds with cal trans. why those locks of love are scheduled to come down. >>> mom started crying. dad started crying. we're all hugging. it was great. >>> >> and a baby who just couldn't wait any longer. the roadside delivery some paramedics are being applauded for this morning. >>> you can wake up with ktvu every morning. >> get the morning top stories sent to your cell phone every weekday morning at 6:00 a.m.. you can get the wake up call by texting wakeup to 70123. >>> depending on your point of view it's a symbol of every lasting love or vandalism. about 25 couples have hung padlocks on the main street bridge. it started with a couple celebrating their 30th anniversary in august. they got the idea at a similar landmark locked up by lovers around the world. >> i think it's charming i love it. it's a cute little thing people have done. >> it's very sweet. i think we need more not less. >> there is a sign that says cal trans owns that bridge and is going to remove the locks on february 1st but some couples hope to convince cal tran and the town of los gatos to kee
from cal hollow. >> really? >> well i love getting information from the city. all the little neighborhoods. always tweet me sp weather if it's raining or cloudy. we have a system coming in. very weak system. again it's just going to go parallel to the coast. it will give us a lot of cloud cover and very little rain. in fact, those near the coast i think most will stay offshore. in this kind of pattern it looks good. but we can still see read starting to pick up. there could be a little bit postal areas. but again these systems when they split and when the low goes parallel to the coast it's really, really tough to generate rain. 30s on the temps. you can see i just think the cloud cover will stop cooling of the atmosphere now. still though a lot of that cold air is trapped. so it's going to be a tough day to warm up past upper 40s or low 50s. our system is splitting. you can see as it comes in watch as it backs off. that all take a lot of that rain away from us. that close. it's that close. cloudy, cool. light rain very, very chilly hay temps today. in fact, i don't think the
's heavy rain. another storm is expected to pass through our area and cal trans is supposed to get that work done before the storm hits. they are scheduled to open in february of next year and its opening has been delayed at least a few times. initially it was supposed to open a year ago and then they said it would open this month and now it is 2013 when it is supposed to be complete. it is supposed to be completed and hopefully they will get it done. these one way traffic controls all the way out to the northport tall bridge area, they will be in effect until 3:00 this afternoon. ktvu channel 2 morning news allie rasmus. >>> the rain led to this huge sinkhole in lafayette. the shine of generator lights filled the neighborhood as crews made temporary repairs to mountain drive. rushing creek water damaged the road and some utility lines and some people what live there are affected. >> this is very much expected and we are grateful the city is on it and things are happening. -- things are happening. >> now the road is not expected to be fixed until at least next spring. >> oakland po
. >>> local transit agencies such as bart muni and cal trans, businesses are closed along with parks and offices. >> 5:07, we are moving right along, kids are getting up and it is such an exciting morning. >> we do have traffic to talk about in marin county especially, tara? >>> this is a two car crash due to a wrong way driver. we understand it is alcohol- related and happened in novato northbound at the dumps. chp said it was head-on with minor injuries. it was so severe that the wheels came completely off of one car. crews are trying to clear the scene and we will bring you more coming up in the next half hour. traffic is on the right-hand side headed towards downtown oakland and no problems to report. 237 to milpitas, traffic is on the right-hand side bought it doesn't seem -- but it does not seem like anybody is driving. >>> christmas day, mostly dry skies and we are looking at santa rosa, highway 101, talking a few light sprinkles and that possibility in. >> when allan and -- glenn allan and it is off areas of bodega bay picking up a few light showers, these are hit or miss, ta
african-american heritage and culture. it was created by a cal state professor and they will be hosting celebrations all week long and the first event begins today at san francisco city hall. and later, san francisco will kickoff the entitling cash to kickoff recycling and last year they recycled more than 650,000 tons of trees. this year it begins on january 22nd. >>> they will make riding the bus their new year's resolution starting today. they are starting a contest through its facebook page and riders who come up could win prizes. they could get certificates and the contest ends on january 11th. 5:47 let's go to tara, she is covering some traffic for us. >> we have a tree down on highway 29 in diamond mountain and also in san bruno, we have a car in the center divider. so be careful. up first we will take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see there is a little bit of backup and those metering lights are going on after 6:00 this morning. >>> san mateo bridge, you can see it is raining and traffic on the right-hand side is headed westbound into foster city and no delays
the anderson grade. that is outside of yreka. that was last night. cal fire says the roads were extremely icy at the time. 16 people were injured. seven had to be taken to the hospital. >>> 5:36. san jose city college will hold classes today following yesterday's campus lock down. investigators say a man called police yesterday afternoon claiming someone had a gun at the technology building. students were evacuated about 5:00 p.m. expect for the technology building. that is where students were searched before they were allowed to leave. >> i don't think you can ever call this an over reaction. any time we receive a possible threat on campus, we have to take it seriously. >> now the last students were allowed to leave that technology building about 8:00 last night. this all happened in the middle of finals week on the campus. some of the students who had just graduated from the emergency medical technician program well their ceremony was cut short. >> took awhile. but took them awhile to get to us. because we were on the fifth floor. we did eventually get out safely. for >> in another part of
not clench the nfc, instead they were rivaled by the seahawks. they stepped down by cal, martian lynch scored the first two and in the second quarter, the field goal is blocked, the ball is ran back for a touchdown and they are now dropped to the 3 seed and they will not have a first round biif they win this weekend. >>> cam newton put the panthers on the board early with a touchdown pass to smith. carlson palmer had to leave the game after a hard hit by greg hardy. matt took over and he led the raiders to a field goal on the next drive but was interaccepted on the -- intercepted on the second -- in the second quarter. >>> tara moriarty is in forecast cast. i know there is not a lot of people out there yet. >> yes, except for people like us. >> yeah. >> pam is right, we don't have too much going on, on the roadways and that's the good news. let's take a look outside and you can see the 280 split, you can see traffic is moving nicely as you make your way towards santa clara. at the sunole grade, this is near fremont, southbound, you can see it is flowing very well. and falling on the right-ha
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7